Massage After Care

Have you ever left a massage thinking that you hurt in places you didn’t hurt before you walked in? Have you woken up one or two days after a massage with extreme soreness?

Some might have these effects and decide to never get a massage again! There are many ways to alleviate the soreness that you might feel, and all are easy remedies and worth doing so that you can recover faster.

1)    Drink at least double the amount of water that you usually do on the day of your massage, but especially afterward. The flushing of the body will help prevent soreness after your massage.

2)    Epson salt bath or magnesium supplement always helps relieve soreness and muscle tension.

3)    Ice is your best bet for preventing and relieving soreness.


Some might wonder why they now feel soreness in areas that didn’t bother them when before the massage. Many times, the body only sends pain signals from a certain area even though you might have other areas that are tight or congested. A massage brings attention to any area that is touched and if that area happens to have tightness you will become aware of it very soon.

 It is not uncommon to feel a bit “run over” after a deep tissue massage, but if you follow these recommendations and do your part at home to stretch and foam roll on a regular basis, you should be feeling like a new person very soon!

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