All of our massage therapists are currently licensed by the state of Arizona.



Tommie graduated from the Lauterstein Conway Massage School in Austin TX before moving to Tucson to be closer to her 90 year old grandmother. She has specific training in therapeutic deep tissue and myo-fascial release. Tommie has been a massage therapist at Miraval Resort for over a year and is excited to share her time at Tucson Massage Therapies with the amazing superwoman, Phoebe!



Owner of Tucson Massage Therapies, Phoebe has been a massage therapist since 2012. Phoebe combines her 5+ years of trainings as a certified Health Coach, a licensed Massage Therapist, a registered Yoga Teacher, a certified Personal Trainer and a certified Group fitness instructor to provide a custom well-rounded program of healthy eating, bodywork, and fitness. Phoebe offers not just therapeutic massage therapy sessions, but also cooking lessons, grocery store tours, and private & group health coaching, personal training and yoga classes. To learn more about Phoebe, visit


Jeanine is the lead instructor at Tucson's massage school, The Arizona School of Integrative Studies

Jeanine offers swedish massage, ayurvedic massage and lighter pressure injury rehabilitation and sports massage.