Postural Alignment Program


Postural Alignment Program


This program is for you if:

- You want to improve your posture

- You are willing to do at-home exercises given to you by your massage therapist during the program

- You are willing for your massage therapist to take before, during and after photos to track your progress and see the difference in your posture

- You want to target faster improvement to one specific area of the body (such as neck, shoulders, or lower back)

- You are willing to read resources given to you by your massage therapist, pertinent to your specific structural issues

- You are willing to receive your six treatments on a regular weekly schedule, without long gaps in-between

- You want to get rid of chronic pain in a specific area

- You want to make a complete change in your posture

This program eliminates postural problems and targets misalignment, such as hunched shoulders, hunched back, tilted pelvis, shoulder pain due to poor shoulder alignment, neck pain due to poor neck alignment and low back pain due to poor pelvis alignment. This program is not for relaxation, or general maintenance. This is for people ready to make a change in their postural alignment. This is a 6-session program, and each session is 75-minutes which includes hands-on treatment, discussion and at-home treatment review. 

After purchase of this program, you can call or text to set up your 6 weekly appointments. Or you can book online, just be sure to book a “Postural Alignment session” and to book a 75 minute appointment each week, for 6 weeks.

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